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Change immutable permissions granted to creator of calendar



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      When a user creates a calendar, they are given write/view permissions to the calendar which are immutable.

      Why this is a problem
      There is no mention anywhere of who created a specific calendar. This means that unless you know exactly who created the calendar there is no way to know for sure who does and does not have access to the calendar. More importantly, there are no restrictions you can enact that will keep the creator from viewing/editing a calendar they have created.

      Use case
      There are a number of scenarios that I can think of as to why the creator would need to be excluded, these include standard role changes/resignations/replacements etc. I can also see a person entering a mass of new calendars for a company (Think repetitive data entry following a known format) that is later tweaked by the group it is associated with. After the creation of the calendar, these groups may want to restrict their calendar but they would have no idea that the creator would still be able to view/edit their calendar.


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