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JIRA issue macro in table view in Confluence does not link the page to JIRA




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding bug report.

      The mentioned confluence page feature does not work in table view form. The mentioned in question is the feature as per the screenshot below :

      When JIRA issue macro is added to a Confluence page this will show the mentioned page in the JIRA ticket. However in table view this functionality does not work.

      Steps to reproduce :

      1. Login to Confluence
      2. Create a new page
      3. Add a jira macro by typing {JIRA then pick the first in the Macro suggestions
      4. A pop up window as per the screenshot below should come up then start searching for the JIRA issue
      5. Search for a JIRA issue, in this case I searched for TEST-3 and the results returned
      6. After that, click on the Display options and change it to Table as per the screenshot below :
      7. Click on Insert to complete the insertion to the page and you will see something like the screenshot below :
      8. Go to the JIRA issue in JIRA and you will not see the mentioned page :

      Expected result : the mentioned page should show
      Current result : the mentioned page is not shown

      This issue also occurs when I try it out in EAC with JAC.


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