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Provide CQL filter UI in rendered Page Properties Report



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Customer feedback and data analysis for CONF-34326 indicates that the slowness of the Page Properties Report (PPR) can be attributed to the number of cells being rendered in the report, rather than (say) the number of pages being scanned for Page Property rows to include.

      The update of the PPR in Confluence 5.8 to use CQL filtering when editing the macro parameters has alleviated the problem for some customers by reducing the number of rows, and hence the total number of cells, rendered - but other customers have use-cases where the user viewing the report needs to be able to perform the filtering themselves. Currently the only option for these cases is to render a large number of rows and let the user search for a value within the browser.

      Adding the CQL filter field UI to the rendered PPR would allow additional filtering (as opposed to replacing the configured filter) to be applied, reducing the need for a large row count to be specified in the report parameters.

      However, if the rows would need filtering on output of the report (e.g. only show rows in an employee table where the Office value is "Sydney"), there will additional development required to get these values indexed.

      Therefore, if you vote for this issue, please include a comment with the kind of filtering you would require!


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