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"Page properties report" macro can only be sort using "title"



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      After changing the Title column heading to a different name in 'Page properties report' Macro.
      User cannot sort using the different name that he/she have changed. User has to enter "title" to sort. This will confused the user as they do not know they have to use "title" to sort even after they have changed the title name.

      Below are the steps to reproduce this:
      1. Login to Confluence
      2. Go to a Space page
      3. Create a new page within the Space
      4. In the editor, choose Insert > Other Macros > Page Properties
      5. In the macro body create a two column table and remove the header row.
      6. In the left column list your 'keys' - these will be the column headings in your report table.
      7. In the right column list the value for each key - these will populate the rows in your report table.
      8. Add a label to your page - you will need to specify this label in the page properties report macro.
      9.Save your page.

      Do this process for a few subsequent new pages.

      After that, go to a existing page and choose Insert > Other Macros > Page Properties Report

      Input the string "Name" into "Title column heading".

      Input "Name" in "Sort by""

      Current result : It does not sort after Title have been changed to Name.
      Expected result : It should sort after Title have been changed to Name.


      Leave the Sort by to Title instead of the customized name for the column to be sorted alphabetically


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