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Ability to share a page to an anonymous user with a private URL


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Status Update: October 2023

      We have released the ability to create public links for Confluence pages! Read more here!

      Currently you can share a page with Internal users or any arbitrary e-mail address with the assumption that the receiver will in some way have access to the page (either because they are a user with permission, or because the page is public).

      It would be useful to have a feature that is similar in nature to Google Drive's "Anyone with the link" visibility settings on a document. This would allow a page to still appear hidden from anonymous access (through the normal friendly URLs), but would build a unique (obscure) link so you can share the page with a known set of public (anonymous) users.

      Something like:

      Adding users just to share one or two "semi-public" articles is costly. I can see many cases where you may not want anyone from the outside world to easily find an article (i.e. general anonymous access), but you would want to provide a direct link to a group of trusted individuals.

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