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Allow Duplicate Page Names in same Space for Confluence on Demand Product


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      With Confluence on Demand it is not possible to have duplicate page names in one specific space. This is due to architectural/programming decisions by atlassian.

      In the Marketplace there is an extension from k15t.com which provides the functionality for Confluence Users which install the product on their own server.

      So basically it is possible to have duplicate page names as long as the page permalink is unique.

      Further details about the extension which does this functionality is to be found here:

      Atlassian should add the possibility to have duplicate page names ASAP as we need to have structure with repeating page names like:

      DVD Authoring

      • Overview
      • Authoring
      • Testing

      Blu-ray Authoring

      • Overview
      • Authoring
      • Testing


      As the On Demand Confluence product does not allow to install extensions from the marketplace, we are dependent solely on Atlassian to put this feature on the roadmap for future versions for the on demand product.

      We think it is important for serious documentation of processes.

      Thank you and kind regards

      Sandro Barbieri

      Grabenstrasse 9
      8952 Schlieren

      P: 0041 44 575 22 44

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