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Prevent double notifications when I'm mentioned in a page I'm already watching



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      A user is watching a page. Everytime someone mention him in that page, he receives two e-mails. One saying that the page was changed or commented, and other saying that he was mentioned. For users who use this features, it can be annoying.

      Steps to reproduce:
      If a user is already watching a page
      1) Create a page as user A
      2) User B watches this page (either by commenting or explictly adding themselves as a watcher)
      3) User A adds a comment to the page mentioning (@userB) User B.

      If the user is already watching a page and a task is assigned to them
      1) Create a page as user A
      2) User B watches the page
      3) User A assigns a task to User B. User B now gets two emails (Assigned task, and a page mention)

      Expected Result:
      User B receives one e-mail (take a pick of choosing the comment or the mention)

      Actual Result:
      User B receives two e-mails (one for the mention, one for the comment)


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