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Ability to notify a group when a page blog or space is changed (group watches)


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It would be good if you could assign a group to be notified when a page or space is changed.

      This was original wrapped up as part of CONF-3703, but split out because we implemented the more "assign page watches" part of that issue first.

      Atlassian Status Update: 11 Feb 2022

      Hi folks, my name is Daniel Ayele and I'm a PM on the Confluence team. I'm excited to share that we have many planned changes coming to Confluence to improve our notifications experience as well as our watch and follow experiences in the product.

      Beginning in the next few months, we'll be launching a new daily digest that enables customers to get a daily batch of all of the page update notifications they currently receive from Confluence. We believe this is critical for reducing the amount of total notifications we are sending to customers and sets us up to begin to tailor and improve our notifications experience beyond that.

      Second, with the new Confluence Home launch we introduced an improved Follow feature which allows customers to follow people in their team or organization and receive updates based on their activity. We expect to grow this feature and consider improvements to that as well as how our Watch feature functionality works to give customers more flexibility and control over how and when they stay up to date with the people and content they care about.

      As part of these many streams of work we will take this specific request into consideration. Stay tuned to our Community and other channels to learn more as we develop and release more of these changes.


      One workaround is to create a mailing list for the group, create a user in Confluence with the email address set to the mailing list, then add that user as a watcher on the page/blog you wish to watch.

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