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Make my own book: Albums or scrapbooks



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      This is an idea for a new Confluence feature, called "Albums".

      It could also be known as "Make my own Book", or "Stick Stuff Together" or even "Make Me a Mashup".

      User experience in a nutshell:
      Drag pages into an "album" in your personal profile or in a space. Give the album a name and save it. Add pages, comments, attachments from other Confluence instances. Add JIRA issues. Add other web pages and images. Reorder pages to suit you. Export to PDF or HTML.

      User stories:

      • I'm only interested in specific bits of the company intranet. I want some way of seeing them all in one place. I don't care about the other stuff.
      • When I'm wearing my team lead hat, I want to know about these bits. But when I'm wearing my JIRA developer hat, I need to know some entirely different bits.
      • I need these bits for a presentation. I want to put them in a specific order, and mix and match just for this presentation.
      • I want to give new team members a quick-start guide containing the bits they must get across quickly.
      • I want to pull together ideas from different locations and show them to other people. The stuff is all over the place right now - on the web, in our documentation, on our extranet, in our bug tracker.

      Where can I pull all this stuff together? In Confluence, of course.

      Making an album:

      Simplest scenario: Within your Confluence instance, you can:

      • Drag or paste pages (links) into a container ("album") in your personal profile or in a space. (Maybe add pages etc also via a browser bookmark, as the social bookmarking plugin does.)
      • Save the album, so that you can use it again later.
      • View the content of your album - Come back and see what's happened in your album a day later.
      • Print the album. This will print the content of all the pages in your album.
      • Export the album to PDF or HTML. This will export the content.


      • Each time you view, print or export, you get the latest version of the pages you've included. The page content is not stored in your album, just the links.
      • We could maybe include the option to choose a specific version of a page, blog post or attachment, i.e. to freeze that bit of the album at a specific point in time.

      Even nicer scenario: Include other Atlassian products and things other than pages. So you can include the following in your album:

      • Confluence attachments (images, Word documents, PDF documents, etc).
      • Confluence comments.
      • People (profiles).
      • Confluence blog posts, and other Confluence content types.
      • Pages etc from other Confluence instances, not just the current instance.
      • JIRA issues.
      • JIRA issue attachments.
      • Stuff from other Atlassian apps.

      And a cooler scenario yet: Include stuff from the web:

      • Images from the web.
      • Web pages.

      Sooper dooper scenario: As well as providing the view, print and PDF/HTML export, how awesome if you could:

      • Include dynamically-updated content from your Confluence-housed album onto your blog or other web site.

      Where would you save your album?

      • In your Confluence user profile, on a new "Albums" tab.
      • In a new "Albums" tab on global spaces.

      See further user stories and discussion on the internal extranet page.


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