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Support RTL languages (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Persian) for editing and searching


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Original request:

      We would like to have support for Hebrew (RTL language) both in search and editing within documents as well.

      This would include:

      • support for changing text direction in the editor
      • proper rendering of Right to Left (RTL) text on Confluence pages
      • support for text containing paragraphs or phrases with text in different directions (RTL and LTR)
      • indexing and searching support for RTL languages.


      For Confluence Server, proceed to see the workaround stated in CONFSERVER-1373.

      For confluence cloud, this may not help in all situations but you can give this workaround a try:

      • Create a new bookmark on your bookmarks bar and add the one line of code(shared below) into the URL section of the bookmark.
      • While you are on the confluence edit mode, ensure you click on the page once, then click on the bookmark which will change the direction so the text will flow from right to left as you type.
        javascript: document.activeElement.setAttribute('dir', 'rtl');
      • here's a quick demo video:

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