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Allow news (blog-posts) date change not only at creation, but also when editing...



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      Status Update 26 Jan 2022

      👋 Hi - I'm Divya Sriram, a Product Manager on our editor team. Thanks a lot for your feedback. As we’re continuing to improve the publishing experience, understanding use cases like these always helps us figure out the most important items to prioritize in our roadmap.

      For this specific request, we don’t currently have short term plans but are actively investigating what we could do. We’ll keep this ticket updated as we know more.

      Thanks again for your feedback,


      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It is sometimes very annoying that one cannot change the date of a news item (blog-post) anymore after creation. Why? Well... I am one of those VERY bursy ICT support guys that write everything down on a piece of paper, and blogs everything later (by preference in the evening, but sometimes a day later or so), and so it happens that I forget to indicate the date of my news item. When I do so, I cannot change it anymore, and this is VERY ANNOYING!


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