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      We have been running confluence on GlassFish ((V1 UR1 Build 03 30-June-06) without any visible problems for couple days now. We would like to help any efforts to get confluence supported on GlassFish.

      This link is an error message that we have noticed in the GlassFish log file

      Atlassian Status as of September 10, 2010

      Thanks for your suggestions and feedback on this issue. Over the past few months we have done a lot of analysis on the supportability of enterprise application servers such as GlasshFish.

      As the complexity of our applications grows, the cost of supporting multiple platforms increases exponentially. Each new feature has to be tested on several combinations of application servers, databases, web browsers, etc, with setup and ongoing maintenance of automated tests. Moving forward, we want to reduce the time spent there to increase Confluence development speed significantly. At times, 30% of the development team is busy coding solutions for edge cases in various application servers.

      We have chosen to standardise on Tomcat, because it is the most widely used application server in our user population. It is fast, robust, secure, well-documented, easy to operate, open source, and has a huge community driving improvements.

      With this in mind and in the spirit of open company, we will be closing this issue as we have made the decision that we will not be doing this.

      Sherif Mansour
      Confluence Product Management


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