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Confluence remigrates our content on restart if a plugin is updated


      The recent fix in Confluence 5.7.4 ( CONF-35004 ) means that on each restart following a plugin update/upgrade/install, Confluence attempts to re-migrate all our "unmigrated" pages (1,800 pages and their attachments) because we have some unknown macros in those pages. These pages seem to get re-migrated again if we update any plugin, enable/re-enable plugins followed by a restart.

      This is polluting the change history of the pages because it adds another version on each page. It also appears that the attachments on those pages are getting re-indexed.

      I understand the fix may have been intentional but it's having some bad side-effects.

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      A workaround has been added to the description of related ticket CONF-32837, which provides a method via SQL to disable the remigration job on restarts. As with all database manipulation tasks, please be sure to test this on a non-Production environment first.

      In the release of 5.10.8, a system variable is added to turn off the remigration behavior during startup. To use this feature:

      1. open CONF_INSTALL_FOLDER/bin/setenv.sh (or setenv.bat under windows)
      2. locate "CATALINA_OPTS" and add the below line to the file:
        CATALINA_OPTS="-Dconfluence.startup.remigration.disable=true $ {CATALINA_OPTS}"
      3. save the file and restart tomcat

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