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Links to filesystem are lost after upgrade to Confluence 4.x or upon saving the page in the new editor


      Before Confluence 4.0 we linked to various shared locations (files and folders).
      While this didn't work for all browsers, it worked in IE for those that used it.

      This seems to be broken now, the old links have been converted to normal text with the path in parentheses after it.


      Document XXX (file://j:\\Projects\\XXX\\Reference Documents

      The reason we link to these files like that is that they are under version control, and the link is to a common location where they are shared. (We all have the J drive set to the same by logon scripts, we can't avoid that).

      Findings added by halatas (mainly tested on Chrome 19):

      Behaviors in Confluence
      Scenario Sample#1 Sample#2 Sample#3
      1. Confluence 3.5.13 (all works) - wiki markup
      2. Post-upgrade Confluence 4.2.5 - storage format) Link retains correctly:
       <a href="\\\\\foobar.com\dfsrb\DfsDE\foobardocs.doc">foobarDocs</a> 

      Link retains correctly:
       <a href="\\foobarhouse\spreadsheet\foobarspreadsheet.xls">foobarSpreadsheet</a> 

      Plain text (original link is lost):
       foobarPreso (\\\Y:\C:\Foo\Bar\foobarpreso.ppt) 

      3. Once the page opened in the 4.2.5 editor and saved, although nothing is touched/changed - storage format link is lost:

      link is lost:

      nothing changed:
       foobarPreso (\\\Y:\C:\Foo\Bar\foobarpreso.ppt) 

      Behaviors in browsers:
      Browser Scenario#1.Sample#1,2,3 Scenario#2.Sample#1,2 Scenario#2.Sample#3
      Firefox 13.0



      no link
      Chrome 19 no link
      IE 9 no link
      Steps to reproduce Scenario#2:
      1. In Confluence 3.5.x, add the following wiki markup:
      2. Upgrade to Confluence 4.x
      Steps to reproduce Scenario#3:

      Either proceed from the steps above by editing the page then save it. Or you could just simply insert the following in the 4.x Editor > Insert > Wiki Markup which will autoconvert the wiki markup to new storage format on the fly:

      Unsupported Workaround

      Disclaimer: We can't provide any support if you use this method and run into any issues

      As seen in the comments, some customers have had success in getting this working by ensuring all links are in the following format:

      1. Type "File:///" not "File://"
      2. use "/" and not "\" for the path (for exampe "file:///J:/Projects/..."
      3. Alternatively you can write "file://server/folder/Projects..." instead of "file:///J:/Projects/..."

      This was achieved by exporting to XML, running search/replace over it, and then importing it back.

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