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Make Confluence clusterable



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      In a corporate environment, its important to be able to cluster webapps so that:
      a) it can be deployed on standard appserver farms (which are clustered)
      b) we have redundancy and automatic failover.

      If the application requires a cold standby (as is the case with Jira nd Confluence as they stand), its a major PITA.
      Due to it support priorities to business-critical applications, a application that requires manual fail-over will have a downtime of anything from minutes to hours.

      As I see it the issues are:

      1) Hibernate Caching - can be taken care of at the hibernate level (known solutions: free and not free - customer can choose)
      2) Indexing. If filesystem indexing is essential, then we need some kind of fault-tolerant index synchronisation mechanism. JMS?
      3) confluence.cfg.xml Config file. Can this be pre-edited and deployed in the WAR?
      4) default-formatting.properties Can this be pre-edited and deployed in the WAR?
      5) Custom Velocity templates: Can these be stored in database or via webdav?




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