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Upgrade third party libraries used by Clover - 2nd phase


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      Upgrade third party libraries to their latest versions:

      • Antlr 4.0, including java.g syntax file tracked in CLOV-1329, CLOV-1331 and CLOV-1332
      • atlassian-extras 3.2 tracked in CLOV-1553
      • cajo 1.175
      • commons-lang3 3.3.2
      • fastutil 6.5.2 tracked in CLOV-1552
      • GSON 2.2.2
      • JDOM 2.0.4
      • JSON - replace by com.google.code.gson:gson

      Upgrade feasibility to be verified:

      • theJIT
      • KTreeMap/JTreeMap

      Get rid of:

      • Overlibvms not until we drop Classic reports (Clover 4.1)
      • Utils.js not until we drop Classic reports (Clover 4.1)
      • iText tracked in CLOV-1554

      To be considered:

      • upgrade Log4j to or 2.0.x

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