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S3 Artifact handler corrupts Clover tab in Bamboo



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      Bamboo 5.7 introduces new artifact handler to store files in Amazon S3. Due to a fact that it works on a file-by-file basis, we cannot expose the entire HTML report as a 'site' embedded in the <iframe>. As a consequence it looks like this:


      Do not use S3 artifact handler for builds with Clover. Default handler settings can be overridden in Plan configuration > Miscellaneous:

      Possible fixes:

      1) Implement a wrapper on S3 handler, which would download all files from an artifact definition to some temporary directory and expose it in <iframe>

      • problem: Clover's reports may have up to several GB for large projects, downloading all files every time someone opens the 'Clover' tab will be time consuming, we'd need to keep such artifacts for a longer period of time

      2) Add warnings for Clover integration in the UI in case when S3 handler is found. Write information about this limitation on confluence.atlassian.com.

      3) Create a ZIP archive out of Clover Report artifact and give user an ability to download this file.

      4) Add extra option in artifact definition so that user could select which handler should keep given artifact. Thanks to this, S3 could be excluded.

      5) Due to a fact that new Clover HTML ADG reports do not contain frames, we could think about a thin wrapper, which would download only one page and replace all original links in the HTML file by proper links to S3; if user would click on a link, he would get another page processed this way...

      • we'd have to handle *.js, *.css, images etc too.

      5b) Create something like a "ZIP File Handler", which could serve files from an archive (then we could pack Clover's HTML report and store on S3 or any other medium). It would also require rewriting links.

      6) Look for some solution provided by Amazon, such as Static Website Hosting on S3



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