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Choose project page shows wrong number of issues present in a project


      Issue Summary

      Choose project page shows wrong number of issues present in a project

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Login to source jira site
      • Create an empty JSW classic project (Kanban or Scrum) for e.g. `Test Project 1`
      • Now login as System admin
      • Navigate to Migrate Cloud site
      • Start a new migration. Enter the migration name and choose a destination site and then navigate to Choose Projects page. Let's name the migration project `Test migration 1`
      • Select the newly created project i.e. `Test Project 1`


      • Notice that "Issues" field show 0 issues
      • Click on Check for conflicts button to run the pre-flight checks
      • Click on Back to go to Choose Projects page again
      • Exit the migration flow and verify that the Migration, `Test migration 1`, has been saved.
      • Go the project that was created above i.e. `Test Project 1`
      • Create a test issue in the project for e.g. `Test Issue for migration`
      • Go back to the migrations dashboard page
      • Click on Review link for the migration plan created above i.e. `Test migration 1`
      • Click on Back to go to the Pre-flight check page
      • Click on Back again to go to the Choose Projects page
      • On this page the project `Test Project 1` should be selected already.

      Expected Results

      • It should have shown 1 issue present as we have created an issue. Although this issue was created after the migration plan was Saved still it should show the correct number of issues because now when we run the migration, it will migrate all of the issues present including the one that was created recently.

      Actual Results

      Issues Field is still showing 0 issues present.


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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