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      November 8, 2022 - Full data copying available for JSW, JSM and Confluence. For future improvements, see the linked sub-tasks. 

      Hi everyone,

      The ability to copy over all your data* is available and working in production as designed. Some limitations exist where some data is not copied, including Automation rules, Insight objects, etc. For a breakdown, please see our official documentation

      We will continue investing in improvements to the full data copying process. Some of these can be found as suggestions as subtasks of the parent issue


      Matt Tse


      When I have created a sandbox

      I want to be able to copy data from my production environment

      So that the sandbox contains the necessary data and information I need to be able to test the changes I want to make

            mtse@atlassian.com Matt Tse
            mtse@atlassian.com Matt Tse
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