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Bring your own encryption - BYOK



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      It would be great it Atlassian Cloud will offer customers the possibility to Bring their own encryption key.
      Bring your own encryption (BYOE)—also called bring your own key (BYOK)—refers to a cloud computing security marketing model that purports to help cloud service customers to use their own encryption software and manage their own encryption keys.

      Update Nov 2021: We’ve heard from many of you that BYOK (bring your own key) encryption is an important security control for those of you working with sensitive data, which is why we added it to our cloud roadmap some time ago. The Early Access Program (EAP) providing BYOK encryption at rest for Jira Issue data is targeted for Q3-Q4 2022.

      For more details, please refer to our recently published article that provides an overview of the benefits, architecture and timelines for BYOK on Atlassian Cloud. We also published a post in the Atlassian Community about a private Community group where you can ask questions, suggest ideas, and generally join the BYOK product team conversation!


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