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Please reconsider placing Bitbucket in read only mode when license is exceeded.



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      Please reconsider putting Bitbucket in read-only mode when the number of users exceeds the license. While this process makes sense to ensure that every user is paid for, it places an extreme hardship for large organizations with long purchasing time frames.

      Consider the following scenario.

      When a 10 user license customer exceeds their license by 1 user they are over the limit by 10% and it impacts 11 users. When a 5000 user license customer exceeds their license by 1 user they are over the limit by .0002% but 5001 users are no longer able to work.

      The customer with a 10 user license can likely pull out a credit card and add on an additional 10 users to their license and be back up and running in a few minutes. The customer with a 5000 users license most likely works for a large corporation and has to make a requisition, get approval, and submit an order. While they do have the ability to call and get a temporary license while that process is taking place, there is still the possibility that if this happened at the start of a three-day weekend that this could become catastrophic downtime.

      Some adjustments were made to Bitbucket to allow for a 24 hour grace period but this doesn't go far enough.

      Consider one or more of the following:

      • Weighted grace period based on the number of licenses already purchased.
        • 1 - 10: No grace period
        • 11 - 100: 24 Hour grace period
        • 101 - 1000: 72 Hour grace period
        • 1001 - 5000: 168 Hour grace period
        • 5000+: 720 Hour grace period
      • Provide a warning to Sys Admins when they are approaching 80%, 90% and then 95% of their license
      • Provide a one click option on the license page to instantly increase the number of licenses by 10% that is valid for 1 week.


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