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Mark my own PRs as Needs Work or Declined


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      My team encourages submitting PRs for review before they are ready to be merged to promote early collaboration and feedback. We were getting PRs come in on the last day of the sprint that needed A LOT of work before they could be merged. Right now, our strategy to indicate an In Progress PR is to include "WIP" or "DO NOT MERGE" in the PR Title / Description fields.

      This naming strategy works most of the time, but sometimes we have In Progress PRs that are getting merged into our main branch early.

      When I submit a PR for review before I am ready for that PR to be merged, I would like to mark that PR as "Needs Work" until I am ready to merge it. Once I am ready to merge it, I would like to remove this status so that others know to go through it one last time and approve it if the code adheres to our guidelines. I wouldn't want to mark my own PR as "Accepted", because that would probably mess with our current requirement of having two reviewers accept the PR before it can be merged. However, if something went horribly wrong, I might want to mark my own PR as "Declined".

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