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Browse entire source repo, or create a branch, "at" a commit


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      One of the feature I think is missing in BitBucket Server is the ability to browse the source tree at a specific commit.

      So I know the commit hash and I am viewing the modifications of that commit. What if I like to browse the repo at that time in the history?
      Currently I have to click on "Source" navigation button and manually edit the url, because


      works fine.

      I would like to ask Atlassian to implement three simple helper features in the UI code:

      1. (Taken from GitHub): if I enter the branch dropdown and enter a hash, be able to see the repository at that time of the history
      2. A quick link to the above by the Commit view menu
      3. Create a branch from a commit. I don't necessarily want to branch from another branch or a tag. Maybe I want to branch a specific commit. It's easy to do it locally and then pushing, easier to do it from the UI

      Related: BSERV-7018

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