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As an admin, I want to easily disable mail notifications with a configuration property



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      Problem Definition

      The mail notification settings are not stored in a configuration property, and it is not possible to easily disable them.

      Use cases for this request
      Disaster recovery daily synchronization
      Every day a backup of the production instance is copied to a disaster recovery site. When the application is started in the disaster recovery environment, the batch emails (not yet processed) are sent from both the main production and the disaster recovery environment causing duplicated emails to be received.

      Mirroring a production system to a development/staging server
      We have a staging server that we use to test updates to Bitbucket Server. We clone from production but don't want the staging clone to send (duplicate) emails.

      Suggested Solution

      Provide a configuration property to disable the mail notification, so that this setting can be set independently on the main production and on the disaster recovery site.

      JIRA provides the -Datlassian.mail.senddisabled=true option.


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