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Configurable Pull Request Diff Mode (two dot vs three dot diff mode)



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      We are running stash 3.6 I reviewed the release notes from 3.10 down aswell as jira and didn't find anything related.

      The pull request diff view seen before the pull request is created looks like the three dot version of C git diff.

      i.e. git diff $(git merge-base A B) B

      It is showing the changes along the B branch since the merge point which give an indication of what will be merged into A.

      For our project that uses cherry picks we are really much more interested in the two dot version:

      i.e. git diff A B

      In our scenario we have a develop branch where development occurs. At some point we create a release branch from it and then cherry pick a few changes that can go to the production release.

      So at this point all of the changes in release are in develop its just that they have been cherry-picked instead of merged.

      Post release we want to merge the release branch down into develop.

      When we create the pull request the diff in the preview is showing the diff of all of the cherry picked commits.

      When the pull request is created the diff changes to show what we want which is a diff of the head of the develop branch and the head of the release branch (in our case no changes).

      We'd like to have an option in the repository settings to change the preview mode from three dot to two dot.

      Another way would be to have a way to set the preference on a branch by branch basis.

      i.e. if you are making a pull request from the release branch then use two dot diff instead of the three dot diff.


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