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"Prevent changes without a pull request" restriction doesn't prevent initial commit


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    • 3.10.0
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    • Linux, stash 3.10.0, JDK8

      The "Prevent changes without a pull request" branch permission in stash 3.10 doesn't stop an initial commit to a matching branch. To reproduce:

      • Create a pattern restriction on refs/heads/release/** with the "Prevent changes without a pull request" checkbox checked
      • git clone http://admin@localhost:7990/stash/scm/project_1/rep_1.git
      • cd rep_1
      • git checkout -b release/1.2.3
      • echo "TEST" > README
      • git add README; git commit -m TEST README
      • git push (this succeeds, but should fail)
      • echo "TEST2" >> README; git commit -m TEST2 README
      • git push (this fails, as expected)

      I'm not sure if this is intentional - the branch has to be created somehow in order to do the pull request, but allowing brand new commits as part of the creation seems wrong.

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