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Keeping forks synchronized doc needs to clarify manual sync



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      Original report:

      Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to sync upstream changes into a downstream fork. I have automatic fork synchronization disabled.

      According to the documentation (https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/STASH/Keeping+forks+synchronized), there should be a manual synchronize button in three places:

      1. The Source tab
      2. The Commits tab
      3. Under Settings -> Fork syncing

      I'm not seeing it in any of those places.

      Actual behaviour:

      The "Manual Syncing" option only comes up when the automatic fork syncing is enabled and if upstream and your fork have diverged, so that each has changes that are not in the other.

      That being said, the manual syncing will only come up in case the automatic syncing encounters that situation.

      To reproduce, say:

      • The auto-syncing is turned off
      • You change locally a certain line of a file in the master branch of your upstream and push this change to Stash
      • You change locally the same line of the same file on the master branch of the fork and push the change to Stash
      • You turn on the auto syncing and the manual option will come up

      As described on the documentation, Stash makes any fast-forward change where there is no need to merge work and there is no risk of losing changes. The manual syncing comes into picture to add this extra security layer.


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