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Project-Level Users Groups (Teams)



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      Is there any support for Project-level Users group creation?

      We have an enterprise-wide Stash installation with LDAP, where different groups are creating projects in Stash... Everyone is given a Project Administrator role to manage different repositories... The problem we are facing now is that Users Groups are defined in the Global-level and Project Admins don't have permissions to create users.

      As a manager for different projects, with their well-contained list of repositories, I'd like to have ways to create Project-Level Users Groups in addition to the Global one. That way, team leaders can micro-manage user groups per projects... That is, creating individual groups of users with different powers such as those who can push to Master branches (production), while restricting others to only use Develop branch... This should work as the Global level groups, to take advantage of the Branch Permissions capability.

      The current installation at my enterprise environment only gives Project level administration permission to users to manage their own projects. However, administration level permissions are only given to Stash administrators and only those are able to create User Groups...


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