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Allow restriction of the Browse User Permission



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      Atlassian Update – December 2017

      Hi everyone,

      We have recently reviewed this issue and the overall interest in the problem. As the issue hasn't collect votes, watchers, comments, or support cases from many customers during its lifetime, it's very low on our priority list, and will not be fixed in the foreseeable future. That's why we've decided to resolve it as Timed Out.

      Although we're aware the issue is still important to those of you who were involved in the conversations around it, we want to be clear in managing your expectations. The Bitbucket Server team is focusing on issues that have broad impact and high value, reflected by the number of comments, votes, support cases, and customers interested. Please consult the Atlassian Bugfix Policy for more details.

      We understand how disappointing this decision may be, but we hope you'll appreciate our transparent approach and communication. If you're really passionate about this suggestion, please comment with your case in detail and we'll reconsider. Atlassian will continue to watch this issue for further updates, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

      Thank you,

      Imran Khan
      Product Manager - Bitbucket Server and Data Center

      We're using Stash in an Enterprise environment where we have a number of different clients accessing for different projects. At this point Stash doesn't provide a way for Admins to limit who can browse users. Right now when you mention someone or try to add them to a pull request you see a full list of users and their email addresses. This is a huge security risk and has effectively halted the our roll out of Stash until this issue can be resolved.

      The ability to limit who can browse users exists in JIRA and has been invaluable for security. We would like to see this same level of security applied to Stash.


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