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Hierarchy from PROJECT to REPOSITORIES for better organisational management



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      Hierarchy from PROJECT to REPOSITORIES for better organisational management.

      Currently the stash home page lists Projects and within each project we have Repositories.

      Our implementation is the home page has Clients and then we are having to use naming conventions for project and repository ie.

      • TNT Supplies
        • Accounts-Gui
        • Accounts-SecureWebSite
        • Cracker-iPhoneApp
        • Cracker-Portal
        • Cracker-PublicWebSite
        • Cracker-WebService

      where as if we could have more levels we could do

      • TNT Supplies
        • Accounts
          • Gui
          • SecureWebSite
        • Cracker
          • iPhoneApp
          • Portal
          • PublicWebSite
          • WebService

      Maybe one option is to add a client attribute to a project (like a category) but allowing the building of a hierarchy between project and repositories would be more ideal.

      Being able to provide extra info at each level such as a mark down would be great to be able to render a blurb for that level.

      Background: we have been migrating from SVN to Stash and have 17 years of projects to ultimately move. Currently in stash we have started new projects and migrated active projects, but we would like to back haul migrate the rest at some stage if they do not muddy the waters.


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