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As a commenter I want JIRA issues mentioned in comments to be hot-linked


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      As a commenter,
      I want JIRA issues mentioned in pull-request comments to be hot-linked,
      So that when I am discussing a particular pull-request, if I mention a ticket it can be easily observed by other members of the team viewing the discussing.


      • "Yeah, that looks like a bug, I've raised TICKET-100 to fix this going forward, but for now we can go ahead and merge"
      • "I'm not happy with this change, TICKET-120 will be much harder to complete"

      Possible progression for delivery;

      1. Initial lightweight integration where Stash simply recognises issue keys and links to the JIRA instance associated with the project/repo
      2. Slightly tighter integration using a similar UI to the issue view on the pull request (ie pop-in window frame) to show a summary without hopping to JIRA
      3. Bidirectional integration where JIRA gets a trackback reference, and the stash ui includes the mentions as if they were mentions in commit messages

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