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The latest custom JIRA issue key regex is not used to reindex the old commits


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Do not modify Dintegration.jira.key.pattern (previosuly Dstash.jira.key.pattern - see STASH-2784)
      2. Integrate Bitbucket Server with JIRA
      3. Perform a commit to Bitbucket Server with the comment 'TST3-123' (The issue column does not have JIRA issue link)
      4. Stop Bitbucket Server
      5. Modify JIRA custom issue key regex by editing the setenv script:
      6. Start Bitbucket Server
      7. Perform another commit to Bitbucket Server with the comment 'TST3-123'

      Expected Results

      Previously pushed commits have the issue link.

      Actual Results

      Only the latest commit has the issue link.

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