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As an admin, I would like to use REST API endpoints to create, update, delete, and get default tasks for pull requests


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      Problem Definition  

      Default tasks allow project and repository admins to configure a list of predefined tasks that are automatically added to pull requests when pull requests are created.

      Currently, it is only possible to add tasks on a pull request via REST API after the pull request is created because the task is created via comment with severity BLOCKER on a pull request and, therefore, you have to specify the pull request ID in the URL.

      These manually added tasks via comment after the pull request is created are not the same thing as default tasks.

      Reference: Add pull request comment.

      In an instance with thousands of projects or repositories, adding default tasks for each is very time-consuming because it currently needs to be done one by one via the web interface.

      Suggested Solution

      Bitbucket should have REST API endpoints for creating, updating, deleting, and getting default tasks managed at the project and repository levels.


      Currently, there are no known workarounds for creating default tasks at the project or repository levels programmatically via REST API.

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