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Optimise SQL queries called by DefaultRepositoryManagementService.getRecentActivity() to reduce the load on database


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      Problem Definition

      SQL queries called by DefaultRepositoryManagementService.getRecentActivity() are causing frequent high CPU load on database. Investigate options to reduce load on database caused by calls to DefaultRepositoryManagementService.getRecentActivity().

      The following SQL query is being triggered on Bitbucket database causing the high load on database host.

      "select max(internalre0_1_.created_timestamp) as col_0_0_ from sta_repo_activity internalre0_ inner join sta_activity internalre0_1_ on internalre0_.activity_id=internalre0_1_.id left outer join sta_cmt_disc_activity internalre0_2_ on internalre0_.activity_id=internalre0_2_.activity_id left outer join bb_cmt_disc_comment_activity internalre0_3_ on internalre0_.activity_id=internalre0_3_.activity_id left outer join sta_repo_created_activity internalre0_4_ on internalre0_.activity_id=internalre0_4_.activity_id left outer join sta_repo_push_activity internalre0_5_ on internalre0_.activity_id=internalre0_5_.activity_id left outer join sta_repo_updated_activity internalre0_6_ on internalre0_.activity_id=internalre0_6_.activity_id where internalre0_.repository_id=$1 and (internalre0_5_.trigger_id is null or internalre0_5_.trigger_id<>$2) group by internalre0_.repository_id","calls":"19814838","total_time":xx,"rows":"xxx","hit_percent":"xx"

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