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Create mechanism to link commit/branch/PR to particular JIRA instance if the same issue key is present in multiple Jira instances



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      In Bitbucket, it is possible to have multiple application links to Jira. Customers can use this to link multiple JIRA instances belonging different orgs where the uniqueness of the Project key cannot always be guaranteed.
      Due to this, it is possible to have a commit, branch or a PR with a description pointing to an Issue Key which is present in more than one Jira instance. This can cause unexpected data showing up on a JIRA dev panel when multiple Jira instances are applinked to BitBucket.

      Currently the only possible solution to avoid this is to ensure uniqueness of the JIRA Project keys across all the linked JIRA instances.

      Suggested Solution

      Create a mechanism to link an issue key only to a particular Jira instance. This can also be done either on a Project or Repository level.


      Why this is important

      When linking a new Jira instances to Bitbucket belonging to different org, users may unexpectedly find commits linked in their Jira issues when those issues inadvertently share the same issue key as the intended issue from another instance which can cause confusion.


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