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Disabling shortcuts in the Account Settings does not work with CMD+F or CTRL+F in the Source View page



      The customer cannot use the browser's default search when hitting the CMD+F/CTRL+F shortcut, even with the Keyboard shortcuts disabled in the Account Settings. It is, instead, opening the find bar from Bitbucket's Source View.


      • Tested with Bitbucket Server/Data Center 7.21.2

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Login to Bitbucket.
      • Go to Manage Account, disable the Keyboard shortcuts and Save.
      • Go to any repository, and click on a file to open the Search view page.
      • If you hit the CMD+F/CTRL+F keyboard shortcut, nothing happens - it should open the browser's search bar.
      • If you just do a single click on the code panel, from that same page, just to highlight that panel in the browser and hit the CMD+F/CTRL+F keyboard shortcut, then the Bitbucket's find bar is displayed.

      Expected Results

      • It should display the browser search bar, instead of not doing anything or enabling Bitbucket's find bar.

      Actual Results

      • Nothing happens once the Source View page is loaded or the Bitbucket's find bar is displayed if you highlight the code panel.


      • No workaround found / available.


      • Tried this with Chrome and Firefox.

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