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The file list view only shows at most 25 Git LFS locked files




      Issue Summary

      The file list view only shows at most 25 files as being locked by Git LFS, even when there are 26 or more locked files on the path currently being viewed.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Download and install Git LFS locally if not done already (e.g. on Mac brew install git-lfs and git lfs install).
      2. Create a project and repository in Bitbucket.
      3. Enable Git LFS for the repository (Repository settings -> Repository Details -> Large File Storage (LFS) -> Allow LFS)
      4. Add more than 25 files to the same path (e.g. root) of the repository and push these to Bitbucket.
      5. git lfs lock <filename> 26 or more files.
      6. Navigate to the path containing the files in the file list view in Bitbucket (e.g. /projects/<project_key>/repos/<repo_slug>/browse for the root of the repository).

      Expected Results

      All locked files on the current path being viewed show a locked icon in the file list view.

      Actual Results

      Only 25 locked files show a locked icon in the file list view (the first 25 that were locked for that path). Any subsequent locked files for that path do not show a locked icon in the file list view.

      Note that this is only a UI issue for the file list view. These files will still properly be locked and behave as so from a git LFS perspective, and both the file source page (viewing the individual file) and the REST API correctly show the file is locked.


      For a given path in a repository, ensure that there are at most 25 locked files.




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