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Create Jira issue option in Bitbucket does not allow for selecting a Project and Issue Type for a Jira Cloud instance


      Issue Summary

      On a pull request comment if you try to create a Jira issue and you have correctly linked a Jira Cloud instance and a Jira project to Bitbucket Server then the dropdown/search options for the project and type will not display any value.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an application link between Jira Cloud and Bitbucket Server
      2. Link a project in Jira to a Bitbucket project
      3. Create a pull request
      4. Add a comment on that pull request
      5. Select "Create Jira issue" from the meatball menu on the comment
      6. Ensure the correct Jira instance is selected under "Server"
      7. Try to select a Project - nothing is available

      Expected Results

      The project that you have linked between Bitbucket and Jira along with the issue types for that project are available in the Create Jira issue dialog.

      Actual Results

      There is no project and issue type available from the Create Jira issue dialog.


      Create the ticket manually in Jira first and then reference the Jira ticket in Bitbucket if necessary

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