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When creating branches for multiple repositories an incorrect project and repository can be shown as default




      Issue Summary

      Creating a branch from the UI uses the recently used repositories list to decide what project/repo to offer for the branch creation. When creating multiple branches in different repositories using different browser tabs or windows, it is possible that the repository shown is not the one intended for creating the branch (and then the branch would be created in the wrong repository).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Open Bitbucket and sign in with the same username on two tabs (or in two different browser windows, or in two different browsers, the key is to be signed in as the same user)
      2. In tab 1, browse to Project A, Repository 1
      3. In tab 2, bowser to Project B, Repository 2
      4. In tab 1, click Create Branch | create a branch called feature/test
      5. in tab 2, click Create Branch | create a branch called feature/test

      You will get an error that the branch already exists. Closer examination of the create branch dialog in tab 2 will show that Project A, Repository 1 was selected not Project B, Repository 2 as expected.

      Expected Results

      The correct project and repository should be default

      Actual Results

      The recently used repositories list is used when determining what repository to use for creating the branch, so the incorrect project / repository can be presented as the defaults


      If you press refresh on the source view of Tab 2 before clicking "Create Branch" the correct Project and Repository are selected.


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