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Clicking an FTP link on a PR overview page opens the PR page instead of the ftp site


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    • 7.14.0
    • 7.2.4, 7.6.0
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      Issue Summary

      ftp :// links do not open in Bitbucket 7+, but reopen the PR overview page on a different tab

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a PR
      2. In Overview (http://<BASE_URL>projects/<project-key>/repos/<repo-slug>/pull-requests/x/overview), write a new comment including a link to a file from an ftp server such as ftp://xxxx/file.txt, and save
      3. Click on the link

      Expected Results

      A new tab opens for URL ftp://xxxx/file.txt

      Actual Results

      The new tab displays once more the overview page http://<BASE_URL>projects/<project-key>/repos/<repo-slug>/pull-requests/x/overview


      Copy-paste link on a different browser tab

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