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Bitbucket Server should stop calling Jira REST endpoint /createmeta



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      Issue Summary

      • Bitbucket's integration with Jira makes calls to the old Jira REST endpoint: /createmeta
      • This endpoint is flawed with JRASERVER-42282
      • To resolve the issue, starting with 8.4, Jira added new REST endpoints, while /createmeta will be deprecated starting with Jira version 9.
        For more information, please refer to: Createmeta REST endpoint to be removed
      • In order to provide a better user experience from Jira integration, Bitbucket should be calling the new REST endpoint(s) instead of /createmeta
      • Starting with Jira version 9, /createmeta will be deprecated, and the existing integration may no longer work.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up Bitbucket DC integrated with Jira (preferably version 8.4+, where the replacement REST endpoints have been implemented)
      2. Create >5,500 projects in Jira
      3. Create a Pull Request in Bitbucket, then create a Jira issue from the Pull Request

      Expected Results

      • Bitbucket's web interface should quickly present the user with a list of Jira projects to choose from

      Actual Results

      • It takes ~20 seconds for Bitbucket to receive the list of projects from Jira
      • This is because Bitbucket calls the old Jira REST endpoint: /createmeta
      • Starting with Jira version 9, where this endpoint will be deprecated, Jira may be unable to respond to this call.


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behaviour. A workaround will be added here when available.




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