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Diff view on branch compare becomes blank if keyboard shortcut is disabled


      Issue Summary

      Diff view on the branch compare becomes blank if keyboard shortcut is disabled.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Commit and push two files in certain branch in a Bitbucket repository
      2. Create another branch and update two files
      3. Commit and push the branch above
      4. Uncheck "Enable keyboard shortcuts" in the account setting
      5. See diff view in the "Compare" choosing the branches created in the steps above
      6. Click the 1st file in diff view
      7. Click the 2nd file in diff view

      Expected Results

      Diff shows without problem.

      Actual Results

      Diff doesn't show properly.

      The below exception is thrown in the browser console:

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'destroy' of undefined
          at e.value (widget.js?_statichash=0a965bc8caa01f2afdff442d9a088122-CDN%2F771317099%2F204e35a%2F1%2F7ffaa23f612df69467f160b585b19419&locale=en-US:4)
          at e [as _addDestroyable] (lodash.js?_statichash=0a965bc8caa01f2afdff442d9a088122-CDN%2F771317099%2F204e35a%2F1%2F7ffaa23f612df69467f160b585b19419&locale=en-US:46)
          at e.init (diff-view.js?_statichash=64eba085457c058ceef73b85cef131a0-CDN%2F771317099%2F204e35a%2F1%2F19a506161cb07489d10a567148769c30&locale=en-US:13)
          at e.init (unified-diff-view.js?_statichash=64eba085457c058ceef73b85cef131a0-CDN%2F771317099%2F204e35a%2F1%2F19a506161cb07489d10a567148769c30&locale=en-US:7)
          at e [as init] (lodash.js?_statichash=0a965bc8caa01f2afdff442d9a088122-CDN%2F771317099%2F204e35a%2F1%2F7ffaa23f612df69467f160b585b19419&locale=en-US:46)
          at lodash.js?_statichash=0a965bc8caa01f2afdff442d9a088122-CDN%2F771317099%2F204e35a%2F1%2F7ffaa23f612df69467f160b585b19419&locale=en-US:26


      Keep "Enable keyboard shortcuts" checked.

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