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Pull request diff may not show all changes on large files


      Issue Summary

      Bitbucket truncates the diff view of a pull request such that all changes may not be visible.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a branch
      2. Create a file with 10001 lines
      3. Change line 1 and line 10001
      4. Create a pull request

      Expected Results

      Both changes are seen in the diff view

      Actual Results

      Only the change in line one is visible along with an option to "show 99xx more lines" with the second change unable to be brought up. The default value of page.max.diff.lines is 10000.


      NOTE This setting can cause performance overhead. It is recommended to test this setting in a controlled environment first.

      1. Add page.max.diff.lines=<number of lines in your largest file you expect to work with> to the bitbucket.properties file
      2. Restart Bitbucket

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