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Add customizable "privacy" and "imprint" Links in Footer



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      The European GDPR forces every platform provider of internet applications to provide proper privacy and imprint information individually on that platform.

      We encountered that there is no easy way in Bitbucket to provide that Information.
      As you as software provider need to keep us as customer your might assist us keep Bitbucket running by providing at least a simple ability to set custom "privacy" and "imprint" links on every Bitbucket site (I think in that footer where also "about Bitbucket" and "Report a Problem" and so on is linked is a good place). We could create websites to present this information.

      A better approach would be to have the gdpr/privacy/imprint information to be customizable in Bitbucket admin interface and simply klickable. But afaik this might be a bigger change.


      While this feature doesn't exist in Bitbucket right now, it's possible to add a small amount of custom content in the form of an Announcement Banner. This will allow you to add a few links that appear above the application's navigation bar.




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