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Log message related to the BouncyCastle being not provided at a higher level


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      Issue Summary

      The following error message is logged in atlassian-bitbucket.log only if log level was set to DEBUG:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: BouncyCastle provider was not provided properly

      When this error occurs, SSH-related operations fail (e.g. adding SSH keys, SSH Git operations) so it would be important to see it as soon as it occurs and even if debug logging was not turned on.

      Unless log level was set to DEBUG, this message would not have appeared in the log file.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Unable to replicate.

      Expected Results

      Write the message as an ERROR in the log

      Actual Results

      Message will only be written when log level was set to DEBUG.


      Set Bitbucket's log level to DEBUG

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