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Do not create Jira key links in comments if key does not exist


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      Problem definition

      When there is an Application Link between a Jira Software instance and a Bitbucket Server instance, comments in Bitbucket in the format of an issue key are automatically turned into a hyperlink, regardless of if the issue exists in the linked Jira. Clicking the link of non-existent Jira issues results in the following message:

      Suggested solution

      On page render, reference the associated Jira Application Links to determine if an issue key exists that matches the issue key format that is currently matched against.

      If the issue exists in one of the linked Jira instances, generate the hyperlink.

      If not, do not generate the hyperlink - and leave that portion of the comment as plaintext.


      None - disregard generated Jira issue links to issues that do not exist.

      Why this is important

      The current behavior causes confusion for customers who are referencing a system outside of their linked Jira instance that uses a similar naming structure for the other system they're referencing.

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