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Public Code Search API for Server REST API


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      A public code search API for companies or startups that host Bitbucket Servers (as their own version of Bitbucket).

      Similar to Github's Search functionality and API, you can search through all the code and files using either keyterms or regexes.

      You can also use this code search to scan through all public repos (that are not your own).


      Vendor is currently hosting a bitbucket instance, and are using the Bitbucket Server APIs. They are currently looking into using Bitbucket to do code searches with regex or key terms such as the phrase "AWS Key." Looking at current SERVER REST APIs, nothing seems suitable for a code search.

      They wanted something like the Code Search API from Github - https://developer.github.com/v3/search/#search-code)

      Use Cases:
      1. A user could quickly find code sections from all of their projects/repos with one SERVER REST API call.
      2. A user could do a code search to check if any of their buckets/repos have passwords/AWS keys in them.

      1. Reduce the time it is needed to do quick lookups of code in repositories.
      2. Potentially reduce the security risk of individuals (within the company) publishing passwords or AWS keys to public repos.


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