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More fine-grained control of who is notified over the pending PR



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      I find the "view the unapproved pull requests" indicator in the top-right corner to be very useful.
      As soon as there is an incoming pull request - I am immediately and unobtrusively notified about that.

      However, sometimes it doesn't quite cut it. For example, a reviewer leaves a comment on my PR and marks the PR as "needs more work" to make his notification go away. In this case I'd like to have a notification, but unfortunately this indicator is only for reviewers, not authors.

      Another problem would be when I ask a question on someone other's PR and mark it as "needs more work". Once this question is answered there is no way for the author to notify me other than push out another commit (which is sometimes undesirable).

      I would like to request a more fine-grained notification system:

      • keep the list of notified persons for each pull request. Indicate that a PR needs attention for every person on the list
      • use heuristics to fill in this list each time a PR is touched (commits are pushed, unanswered comments are present, sonarqube report is available, etc)
      • allow users to manually adjust this list for the cases when heuristics takes it wrong.


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