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Repository reindex for Jira issue key



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.15.0
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      Upon running the cURL to reindex the Jira issue key on Bitbucket Server, all the pull request data are missing from AO_777666_JIRA_INDEX table thus Jira does not respond well for branch and pull request in the development panel.

      Step to Reproduce

      1. Perform application link between Bitbucket Server v5.15.0 and Jira v7.12.3.
      2. Create project and repository on Bitbucket Server.
      3. Make first commit in the master branch. Then create a new branch called feature/development.
      4. Make the second commit on branch feature/development. Specify Jira's issue key(eg: SSPJ-101) in the commit message and push to the remote repository.
      5. Create a pull request from branch feature/development to master.
      6. In Jira, go to SSPJ-101 issue key and verify the Development panel information as it should link to branch feature/development, commit hash of the second commit and pull request.
      7. Run the reindex cURL command:
        curl -v -u <admin> -p -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{}" http://localhost:7990/rest/jira-dev/1.0/projects/<proj_key>/repos/<repo_slug>/reindex

      Do not run this command in a production environment because it causes the Pull requests linked to Jira via an issue key in the commit message not to be displayed in the Development panel and in the details view.


      The commit link to the Development Panel, however, is not affected by the reindexing action.

      Expected Results

      The repository reindexes successful and able to communicate to Jira development panel and data in AO_777666_JIRA_INDEX not eased.

      Actual Results

      The data in AO_777666_JIRA_INDEX is eased and mess-up the Jira development panel.


      The changes in pull request's state trigger index that allow the development panel to be updated. For example, if an OPEN pull request is not present on Jira's Development Panel, changing the pull request state to DECLINED and change it back to OPEN would reindex the changes and update the Jira's Development Panel to have both branches and pull requests link.


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