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Code Insights feedback


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    • We collect Bitbucket feedback from various sources, and we evaluate what we've collected when planning our product roadmap. To understand how this piece of feedback will be reviewed, see our Implementation of New Features Policy.

      Hi Team!
      There's quite awesome feedback from Kalle, one of our customers:

      • It would be nice to see Code Insights reports on individual commit pages too, not only in pull requests.
      • Displaying annotations only on changed lines seems rather restrictive. In particular, I can imagine making our build server validate hyperlinks between Markdown files and report any dangling references to Code Insights. Then, if someone deletes a file or anchor that is the target of a hyperlink, that will cause a Code Insights annotation on the hyperlink; but Bitbucket Server will not display this annotation because line containing the hyperlink was not modified.
      • It would be interesting to integrate Code Insights with the Jenkins Warnings plugin. I don't know whether anyone is working on that.
      • Jenkins has a feature that locally merges a pull request and then builds the result. I wonder if the annotations from that build could be usefully displayed by Bitbucket Server. It could result in more accurate annotations, but it would require the merge to be done in the same way on both servers, thus perhaps requiring the same version of Git.

      Follow up comment by Kalle:
      Actually, I see Bitbucket Server is already publishing refs with names like "refs/pull-requests/45/merge". If Jenkins (specifically the Bitbucket Branch Source plugin) used this instead of doing its own merge, it could then add the resulting Code Insights report to the automatic merge commit already known by Bitbucket Server. Alas, it seems Bitbucket Server 5.15.1 does not display Code Insights reports from such a commit in the open pull request that caused the automatic merge.

      • I was surprised to see that Bitbucket Server displays the links of annotations as "View on TITLE", where TITLE comes from the "title" parameter of the report. It means the report title practically has to be the name of a web site, rather than the name of software that generated the annotation.

      Best regards,
      Tomasz Tokarczuk
      Atlassian Support

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